Who we are.

Salty Sea Grapes is a Motion Graphics Design Studio, we are Motion Designers, Filmmakers and artists; we're a different breed. We're not confined by convention. We're not merely order takers and task completers; we're driven to find innovative solutions and adaptability to achieve the best results for our clients.

We're not so different from any other studio, but we love what we do. We share our love for design and the art of bringing ideas and stories to life with motion; that's what makes us a different breed. From bold and visceral to subtle and sophisticated, our portfolio spans the full spectrum of design.

Our values.

We believe no one should be confined to an office space or a 9-to-5 restrictive schedule to unleash their creativity. In fact, creativity thrives and flows more freely when individuals have the freedom to express themselves. Inspiration flows naturally in a worry-free mind. For us, a remote-first approach solves this and provides artists with the peace of mind they need to create.

We proudly stand by our talented team's side, providing them with the opportunity to be with their families, enjoying quality time at home instead of being confined to an office or stuck in traffic.

We are Remote-First.

But what does that mean?

It means we're always one step ahead. We're not bogged down in traffic or tied to a specific location; we have the freedom to let our creativity flourish and explore new ideas from anywhere. We conserve energy and contribute significantly to reducing the environmental impact of daily commuting.



Jorge Vigas

Creative Director

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Jorge spent his entire childhood barefoot on the beach - fishing, surfing, and creating (He still does). He's also the proud father of two kids who share his love for surfing,  but perhaps they might love more soccer, and dance.

Growing up by the sea, witnessed the resilience of sea grapes, thriving in salty environments and yielding the most exquisite fruits. A blend of sweet, bitter, and salty, they harness their resources to craft pure awesomeness. This was the inspiration for his studio's name. He believes that resilience is his greatest strength.

As a Creative Director, Motion Graphics Designer, and VFX Artist, Jorge boasts over 20 years of studio experience, and his work has earned him multiple awards for exceptional projects. His experience includes freelancing and collaborating with prominent companies such as HBO, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Telemundo Deportes, NBCUniversal, Telemundo Enterprises, and beIN Sports USA.

Client experience includes: HBO, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, ABC, beIN Sports USA, Smirnoff, NBC Universal, AXN, McDonals, Ford, Beautyrest, Polar, CocaCola, Burguer King, Norwegian.



Pablo Iranzo Duque

Art Director | Illustrator

Graphic designer and illustrator. An artist working in the design field, or a designer with a strong artistic sensibility. After more than 2 decades dedicated to work on a variety of projects, He have managed to leave his stamp in each one of them, which is the creation of expressive graphics, a strong use of colors and a clever way of communicating the idea of the client. From concept designs for Disney Channel series to movie posters, Pablo constantly put his best effort into creating the most catchy and bold imagery to make the piece stand out.


Fran Paez-Pumar

Filmmaker | Editor | Content Creator

As a Creative Filmmaker and Post-production Manager, Fran brings extensive experience spanning the entertainment, mass media, music, and advertising sectors. His expertise lies in the end-to-end process of content creation, from conceptualization and development to production, post-production, color grading, transcoding, and workflow design, catering to various platforms including TV, social media, and corporate videos.

His strengths include adeptly leading multifunctional, multicultural teams and managing large, complex projects. thriving under pressure, consistently delivering results, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders and third parties, and operating effectively across diverse geographic locations. Exceling at crisis management, creative problem-solving, and mentoring team members.



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