Andas en mi Cabeza

Title sequence & VFX

Client: Compostela Films

Extremely proud to have played a fundamental role in one of Chino and Nacho's biggest and most important productions to date - Andas En Mi Cabeza featuring Daddy Yankee with a staggering 1.7 billion views on YouTube! Director Nuno Gomes entrusted all the graphics on the title sequence and the most impressive visual effects in the video. 

Heaps of expertise and creativity were key in creating a visually stunning experience that captivated millions of viewers worldwide. 

For this piece tracking and compositing the animation into the real live footage was a must and the results speak for itselves.

Title Sequence

The design proposal required a romantic urban aesthetic. Inspired by the initial shot's beautiful movement and flooded light from the window, Integrating the camera's motion into the titles, creating an ethereal energy that captured the essence of the piece. The result is a visually stunning and dynamic design that brings together romance and urban style in a seamless and captivating way.

Romance and VFX

VFX breakdown

This video was all about love, romance, and unique marriage proposals. The big task of creating amazing VFX to bring the vision to life. Despite a tight deadline, Hard work, putting in long nights and days of effort to seamlessly integrate the VFX. The end result is a beautiful and satisfying project that captures the essence of love and romance in a truly memorable way.

AEMC_VFX_Aquarium1 AEMC_VFX_Aquarium2

Romantic yes! we are Latinos

can't fight against it! is in our nature.



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